Breadth and Depth of Experience

Our knowledge base covers a wide variety of industries for both Fortune 500 and smaller businesses. By combining hands-on technology and in-depth regulatory knowledge, APPM is uniquely positioned to quickly grasp critical issues facing manufacturers—and to make recommendations addressing long and short term challenges in an integrated and systematic manner.

Although the APPM approach to problem solving can be applied to any enterprise, we bring particular knowledge to the following industries: Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Wire & Cable, Medical Equipment and Devices, Cosmetics and Foods.

Every initiative is unique, but our consultants follow a proven process that includes…

Evaluate your critical functions:
> Sales history – growing or declining
> New Product Introduction – success rate, time to market, delivery schedule, on budget
> Customer Complaint History
> Inventory and Purchasing Review
> Staffing – long term vs. high turnover

Identify opportunities for improvement:
> Establish measures to evaluate performance
> Conduct audits to industry standards
> SWOT Analysis
> Skills GAP Analysis
> Critical Projects Review

Prioritize and facilitate actions to move your organization forward:
> Define Short Term Goal(s)
> Establish Action Plans and Milestones
> Assign and Train Resources
> Create a Monitoring and Reporting System